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Start networking with our Networking 4.0 tool. Generate new revenue by inviting exhibitors. DIY trade fairs for your community or business. Manage & showcase to your audience.

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(Add-on feature) premium 3D virtual production

Digital environments to stand out of the crowd. Find new partners. For example showcase your building with vendors. Invite construction parties that were involved in the process and build stronger digital presence to cross-sales and acquire new customers. Expand to new markets and fulfill you ambitions via syndicate marketing campaigns, generate more impact and new revenue

Expand to new markets

Syndicate marketing allows group of people to invest into mutually beneficial cause with less effort via. joint marketing campaigns. Build your virtual presence. It is important to stand out of the competition with Premium showcase studies.

Starting a syndicate marketing campaign with Exponaut is easy. We have all the tools and manpower to display your building in modern way.

New revenue
More impact
Virtual presence
DIY Expo
New partners

How do we do it?

Effective syndicate marketing consists of collaboration platform, interesting content production and targeted digital marketing.


Invite collaborators to manage, mobilize and engage with your community. Present new ideas and showcase your building.

Production (on demand)

We digitize your building into 3D virtual environment from existing architectural plans (1:1 scale model). Present your building virtually!

Marketing (on-demand)

Together we are stronger! Invite vendors and subcontractors to joint marketing campaign - reach to wider audience.

Getting started is easy

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Ready-to-use platform by Exponaut. (Invite participants).
Generate new revenue

Why us?

We have developed platform for uniting subcontractors and vendors to generate new revenue and partners via. premium virtual presence.

Networking 4.0

Implementing new efficient methods to discuss ideas, develop new relationships with added value. It is time to innovate your daily and prospective communication.

Covid-19 (no travelling)

On demand innovative broadcast structure and virtual environments supporting your ambition to expand to new markets. Stand out from the competition.

New concept

Solution developed to display your landmark building with vendors & partners.

Display your building with vendors

Showcase your subcontractors and expand to new markets.

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