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Who would have thought that cleaning could be a completely positive experience? We are not talking about enjoying the result, but the process itself. Mulieres’ natural scented all-purpose cleaner is all you need to have a good time at home. Go crazy and clean everything at once: floors, kitchen surfaces, work areas, toilet bowls, windowsills, windows, cars, and even the vegetables and fruits.Natural multi cleaner cleans almost everything you can imagine, while being safe for your health and the environment at the same time.

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Karel Rüütli
Step into the world of Mulieres, where natural elegance intertwines with a commitment to eco-conscious living. Our story began with the expansion of our family, revealing the need for gentle, skin-friendly cleaning products. Traditional chemical detergents proved harsh on our loved ones' skin, inspiring us to create a solution grounded in nature and sustainability. At Mulieres, sustainability is woven into our very fabric. Mulieres products proudly carries the prestigious Ecocert certification, guaranteeing a natural composition and a reduced environmental impact. Furthermore, our products also bear the Vegan certification, embodying our dedication to cruelty-free, plant-based excellence. Completing the cycle of responsibility, our products are biodegradable, leaving no lasting imprint on our precious planet. Our product range has been embraced by families far and wide. From European countries to the farthest corners of the globe, including Taiwan and Japan, Mulieres has made a significant impact. Notably, 60% of our production finds its way beyond our Estonian home, highlighting our mission to create a greener world. Join us on this voyage towards a brighter, greener future. Our cherished customers have warmly embraced our laundry gels, dishwasher tablets, hand soaps, and other offerings, adding to our motivation to continue crafting products that the world loves.
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