Drone measurements

Hades Geodeesia

Drone surveys are already a reality today and a completely usable tool. Several tests and comparisons have been carried out both in Estonia and abroad regarding the accuracy of the measurement results. We have also tested it for ourselves and are convinced of the capability and accuracy of our solution.
We use different drones for different surveys, both rotor-type drones and airplane-type drones.

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Vaiko Veeleid
Hades Geodeesia is a company created by Estonian capital and specialists. The main activity of Hades Geodesia is the collection, processing and transmission of information based on spatial data to customers operating in the life cycle of real estate. The company's strategy is aimed at adding value to the processes of the entire real estate lifecycle through innovative and customer-oriented solutions. Our team consists of almost three dozen specialists from different backgrounds. If before, clients needed our competence mainly in topo-geodetic surveying work and surveys related to construction activities, now the need for very versatile information already in real estate planning is growing rapidly. The real estate management phase has become important. Increasingly rapidly changing and diversifying customer needs are exciting challenges for our team.