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This is Beast's completely new and completely contactless people-to-people (P2P) platform. It allows Tesla owners to earn passive income by adding their vehicle to the Beast Rent app. The demand for Beast Rent services is growing all over the world, and that's why we invite you to join us, turning your Tesla into a source of additional income at the same time.

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Rain Aduson
International Operations Lead
We want to be your first choice Sharing electric vehicles is the best alternative to owning a car, which helps to reduce the number of vehicles in traffic, optimize parking, maintain the condition of the roads and, thanks to the all-electric nature of Teslas, significantly reduce both air and noise pollution. We are here to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles by actively fighting the prejudices of car ownership. Our desire is to change the concept and necessity of owning a vehicle, while offering exceptional rental experiences and fun moments. Beast has set itself the goal of being an example with a sustainable way of operating and to support other, already existing sustainable companies. We think and act in a world sustainable way of thinking and do our best to take better care of our home planet.
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