Dedicated to traffic management services, which has expanded its range of services and products into the segment of charging solutions for electric cars.


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Elinta City Charge

Elinta chargers City Charge chargers are designed to last in public use and outdoor conditions. Aluminum body, high-quality components and assemblies, and elegant design with LED solutions make Elinta City Charge chargers first class.

Technical specifications:

  • 22kW chargers 32 – 63A
  • The charger is either 2 type 2 slots, or two 5m long spiral cables with a type 2 end. The spiral cable ensures convenient use of the cable, as it does not drag on the ground and does not get dirty.
  • 4G and LAN internet connection to connect to management software
  • Possibility of starting with an RFID chip
  • Durable high-end components - Siemens, Mennekes, Phoenix Contact
  • LED lights with a choice of colors
  • Compatible with payment solutions
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CTEK Chargers

Chargers from the Swedish manufacturer CTEK are suitable for public, business and private use. Different technical solutions can be used in the same charger case.

CTEK offers private users a mobile application that can be used to control the charger and monitor charging statistics.

  • 7.4 - 22kW AC chargers
  • With one or two slots
  • With one or two 4m cables, type 2 plug
  • with RFID solution
  • With 4G or LAN internet connection
  • Can be mounted on a wall or on the end of a post
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AS Signaal TM is a company dedicated to traffic management services, which has expanded into the segment of electric car charging solutions with its range of services and products. Long-term experience in the construction of traffic management installations also gives an advantage in the construction of charging infrastructures.

AS Signaal TM offers charging solutions for electric vehicles:

for office buildings.
to businesses.
to apartment buildings.
in public and private settings.
for private houses.

AS Signaal TM sells, installs and maintains both modern smart and simpler electric car chargers and related management systems. We offer high-quality chargers of different capacities, designs and purposes from several experienced manufacturers. We are also installation and management partners for those who have chargers delivered from other providers.

Our goal is to find the most optimal and convenient charging solution for the customer by combining it with capacity, chargers, infrastructure, installation work, real and future needs and investments. In any case, as experts, we want to have a say wherever charging solutions for electric cars are planned.

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