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Community service starting from 5.9€ / per month

Our mission is to reduce the digital gap in the world and create opportunities for everyone to enter the computer world. For this we have created a service that can be joined from 5.9€ per month. With the service, we guarantee a modern working computer throughout the subscription period. At the end of the subscription, you must return the devices to us. We provide technical support and full warranty - if something happens to the device, we will fix it or replace it. Through the portal, we raise awareness and inspire our community members to be more environmentally friendly people.

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GreenDice AS


It is no longer a secret that many companies will soon be required to report their goals for becoming greener. GreenDice has discovered a gap, where organizations need to know the entire life cycle of their electronic devices up to material recycling in order to report the CO2 footprint of their electronics, otherwise they cannot apply what the manufacturers have analyzed.

Currently, there is a greenwashing-like activity, where the numbers are written, but the further journey of the devices is unknown. Reporting without logic has led to a situation where electronic waste is the fastest growing waste sector in the world and only 17.4% of them can be collected for potential material recycling.

GreenDice has a vision of how organizations can create opportunities instead of generating massive amounts of e-waste. The goal is to bring Estonian people into the sustainability strategy of companies, maximizing measurable reuse, life cycle extension and material recycling. Beating around the bush (read: getting rid of devices) does not help, only realistically measurable activity gives the opportunity for change.

Don't be an organization that talks about the green revolution, but at the same time adds momentum to the generation of electronic waste and has no idea what really happens to the devices after your use.

Become a GreenDice partner, reduce your footprint measurably and contribute to our mission!

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