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BCS Digital Skills Academy

Everything you want to know about Estonian experience and lessons learnt in digital capacity building.

We cover:

Estonian roadmap from the first computer in school in 1965 up to today’s 90+% of usage nationally

Societal Digital Skills from basic skills for all, to e-solutions for all aspects of life and business, to IT specialists’ skills development in VET, higher education, and life-long learning, to top public and private sector leaders’ skills as smart customers.

Formal, non-formal, and lifelong learning system

ICT in general education, in VET and in higher education (curriculum development, IT teachers’ and educational technology experts’ communities, EdTech, training teachers and headmasters etc.)

Major national initiatives on basic digital skills for all

Designing and building self-activating and -accelerating ecosystems of public, business, and community partners.

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Ants Sild
CEO and Partner
Becoming a digital society does not happen overnight by turning on servers or installing wifi in homes.A foundational element is the systematic development of digital competencies over a period of time. Digital competencies mean not only building a team of IT specialists, but also engendering widespread digital skills across the nations' citizens. This in turn requires digital education at many levels: university, gymnasiums, basic schools, as well as specialized training for ICT professionals. The end result is a comprehensive digital skills development system across all sectors of the nation: government, education, business and private sector.