Solarstone® Solar Carport


A standard Solarstone® carport produces approximately 5,000 kWh of clean electricity per year, which gives you approximately 25,000 km of driving experience with an electric car! An integrated 22 kW electric car charger can be added to the carport. The charger is integrated into the support post, taking up minimal space and providing maximum convenience in your everyday life.

  • Protects cars from direct sunlight.
  • Provides protection from the weather.
  • Offers functionality similar to that of a garage.
  • Electric car charging option – do so economically and using renewable energy.
  • Less dependence on fluctuations in electricity prices.
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Power your home and charge your electric vehicle with a single first-class investment! Solarstone® Solar Carport produces electricity for your own use and allows you to sell the excess energy back to the grid. The solar panels integrated into the carport are resource-efficient, aesthetic and waterproof. Decades of electricity generation and vehicle protection are yours to enjoy - all this from a carport that ultimately pays for itself. Solarstone®'s Solar Carport is a smart and sustainable BIPV solution providing energy for your home and protection for your cars with high-efficiency solar panels. You can sell any surplus energy back to the grid, thus offsetting the cost of the carport and potentially even generating revenue. It is a smart investment that pays for itself.
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