BLRT Refonda Baltic is one of the leading companies in the Baltic Sea, engaged in environmentally friendly breaking and recycling of ships and other floatage.
Our team ensures the safe and environmentally friendly breaking and utilization of vessels and other watercraft of any type and size, such as cargo carriers, longboats, tugs, etc. For this we have suitable technologies and methods: we have three floating docks at our disposal in Tallinn, the longest one is 153.6 meters lengthwise. Apart from Tallinn, we also provide ship breaking service in the Klaipeda port.

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The aim of our company is to offer a wide range of scrap metal recycling services to enterprises and general public. The company’s production sites in Tallinn are located at Kopli 103 and Betooni 7. The company has branch offices for scrap metal reception in Tartu, Rakvere, Pärnu, Türi, Kohtla-Järve, Võru and Narva, equipped with electronic auto-weights and handling machinery. Fleet of container tracks for loading and pick-up of scrap metal available. In Tallinn, Kopli district, the territory adjacent to the pier is used for storage and shipment of scrap metal. The permissible draft next to the berth is 7.9 meters, enabling to ship a vessels with a cargo-carrying capacity up to 35,000 tons.
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