Aleksandr Sepp
Head of Strategic Partnership

SaaS software for Energy Companies


Fusebox provides energy retailers with specialized SaaS software. Utilize our platform to connect and control Distributed Energy Resources via IoT protocols, automating real-time dispatch for energy trading, ancillary services, and portfolio balancing, streamlining your operations with ease and efficiency.

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Aleksandr Sepp
Head of Strategic Partnership
Fusebox offers comprehensive power management software to energy companies, including electricity utilities, asset aggregators, PV park owners, and battery operators. Our software serves as a central hub for efficiently managing and optimizing energy production, consumption, and participation in energy markets. With extensive experience in maximizing profitability from renewable sources like PV and wind parks, energy storage systems, and hydropower plants, we specialize in day-ahead and intraday trading, flexible asset utilization in ancillary markets, portfolio balancing, and energy storage management. Our software key features are: 1. Day-Ahead & Intraday Trading: Seamlessly manage assets in line with energy market commitments, capitalizing on hourly price fluctuations. 2. Flexible Assets for Ancillary Markets: Utilize our automated software for advanced demand response services, connecting to TSO ancillary services for trading, dispatch, and reporting. 3. Portfolio Balancing: Maintain real-time visibility of production and consumption, dispatch controllable assets to minimize energy imbalances, and reduce purchasing costs for balancing energy. 4. Energy Storage Management: Optimize energy storage for profitable energy arbitrage, ancillary services (FCR, aFRR, mFRR), or local consumption coverage. Fusebox software streamlines collaboration among local production and consumption assets, adhering to grid connection capacity. 5. Custom Integration: Effortlessly integrate our software with your existing tools, such as Trading Desks, ERPs, CRMs, Accounting software, or Mailing platforms, as long as they support modern APIs. 6. Explore New Revenue Streams: Expand your client base, boost customer retention rates, and outperform competitors by offering innovative services, revenue-sharing models, and flexible value calculations. Create value through PV curtailment during negative price periods, ancillary services provision, energy storage management, load coverage, energy arbitrage, and more.
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