Lenercom electrical energy storage


The Lenercom electric energy storage uses integrated technology, which allows to obtain energy from PV panels, utility grid, wind and diesel generators.

The power of the hybrid inverter is 10kW and the battery capacity can be expanded, it optimizes the daily energy consumption of your home and family and is the absolute best choice for a household UPS (backup power supply).

Be sure that the heating systems in your home are working and the meal is ready - regardless of the situation. The Ampere+ battery park allows you to keep your home in an autonomous situation for 2-3 days without losing the quality of life.

The three-phase solution is one of the most unique on the market - directly compatible with your household today.

If you want to connect solar panels to your building, the Ampere+ battery solution allows you to connect it as a 2 in 1 device.

The Lenercom electricity storage is equipped with the latest LFP technology* batteries with high compatibility and accepts energy input from multiple sources such as PV, utility grid and diesel generators.

For example: a 120 m² private house can operate for up to 1.5-2 days with the Ampere+ energy storage (without a heat pump). The Ampere+ base model - 10kW inverter and 15.36 kWh energy storage - is used as an example.

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