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Our first conversations about building a digital cash system with Central Banks started in the early 2000s. Over the last 5 years our research efforts intensified, leading to the invention of KSI Cash, a breakthrough digital cash, payment and settlement platform designed to meet the scalability, reliability, and security requirements of critical financial infrastructures.

In October 2020 we announced our partnership with the Estonian Central Bank to research the suitability of our KSICash CBDC for use within the Eurosystem. We are currently engaged in research and piloting with Central Banks across the world.

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Mike Gault
CEO & Founder
Guardtime was founded with a mission to make the world's information universally reliable, without reliance on the risks of human trust. Our invention, KSI, was originally designed to support the Estonian Government in its quest for zero-trust systems i.e. systems that can provide formally verifiable mathematical proof of the correctness of operations. The cost to the global economy of managing human trust can be measured in the trillions of dollars per year. A whole range of business functions (audit, compliance, cybersecurity, inspection, certification) exist that try to narrow the uncertainty associated with trusting others. However, they fail, with rising cost. Our vision is a world where these functions no longer exist as they are cryptographically encoded into the design of applications.
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