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Greenful Panel is a strong, load-bearing panel made from textile fibers and proprietary composite material.

Greenful Panel can be used anywhere in internal or external construction, flooring, roofing, and near foundations. Also for decorative surfaces, furniture, packaging and protective shielding against water or fire.

Greenful Panel works like wood paneling, takes screws and nails, can be sawed, cut and painted or coated.

  • Width 120cm
  • Length 360cm
  • Thickness 0,3-5cm
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Toomas Allikas
CEO & Founder
WHY Greenful was founded to develop a large-scale solution to the textile and plastic waste problem on a global basis MISSION Greenful’s mission is to solve waste problems at scale by innovating new construction materials from recycled waste that outperform traditional materials VISION Greenful’s vision is to be a global manufacturer of construction materials with the most significant impact on the environment IMPACT * Sustainability, we use existing waste streams and don’t create new ones * CO2 Reduction from waste not incinerated * Recyclable materials produce less waste in the future
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