Erkki Raasuke speaking at Postimehe's opinion leaders lunch

Erkki Raasuke
  • Have we staffed the areas within the public sector that require the most significant changes with creators?
  • Have we given them a strong mandate?
  • Our future discussions should proceed calmly, based on facts and knowledge.
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Erkki Raasuke
Creators are those who look boldly and curiously into the future. They offer new solutions, opportunities, experiences. They make the first marks where there are no marks yet. These are artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, inventors. Among them are those with only ideas and dreams and those who implement their ideas and thus change the world. Not all ventures succeed, nor should they. Not all ideas are good and broadly beneficial. Sometimes things go terribly wrong, and it takes a lot of energy and attention to correct mistakes. But one way or another, creators are those who drive the development of society, community, and organization. They are not many among us. Perhaps about a tenth or a little more. Most of us are not creators.. The second and largest group is the preservers. These are people who follow the creators when creators show an attractive, but also safe path ahead. Preservers may not have the desire, and sometimes not the ability, to drastically change conditions. With a little resistance and skepticism, they are ready to follow if the offered path is trustworthy and others around are moving as well. Among the preservers are improvers and developers who refine and implement the ideas of creators. There are also pure preservers among them, who keep things until they wear out and break, waiting for someone else to renew and replace. Preservers are the majority, about 70 percent of a larger collection. I consider myself part of this group. I have not created new companies, art, or knowledge. But I can sometimes improve and apply other people's ideas. The third group is the destroyers. I do not mean this designation in a derogatory sense. These are people who are dissatisfied with what others have created but cannot or do not want to offer something better themselves. Here are active opponents who can very skillfully mobilize other people, including preservers, to follow them. There are also people who feel that the environment and circumstances are against them and that they have not received fair treatment.
17.March 1971