Empowering Women Entrepreneurship Programme


Business creation programme for internally displaced women in central and east of Ukraine and for Ukraine war refugees in Estonia.

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Kadri Tiisvelt
Garage48 is an impact driven organization that specializes in startup ecosystems development and the organization of open-innovation programs and hackathons to develop entrepreneurial mindset, to promote technology entrepreneurship and startup culture and to empower youth and women globally. Based in Estonia, our more than 300 events have reached 50 countries during 12 years, most of them in Europe, the CEE region, Middle East and Africa. Garage48 has been one of the key organizations fueling the early launch and development of the Estonian startup and technology ecosystem by fostering entrepreneurial mindset and lowering the barriers for individuals, teams and organizations to step into the digital technology sector. Garage48 has a global network of mentors, participants, and partners that contribute to the success of our programs. In addition to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation, we work closely with governments and public organizations to support the development entrepreneurial mindset, digitalization and ICT skills, capacity building of startup support ecosystems and female entrepreneurship. Garage48 has been actively involved in designing and delivering international development cooperation projects for more than 10 years in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, having worked with ESTDEV, USAID, OCHA, UNDP, GIZ and British Council to name a few. The focus of Garage48 activities in the international development cooperation field has been on empowering youth, women and vulnerable populations in digital development and entrepreneurship, and empowering the collaboration, digitalisation, and capacity building of start-up communities. We are experienced in designing open innovation programs in on-site, fully virtual and hybrid formats in CleanTech, FoodTech, EdTech, SpaceTech, e-Governance, Big Data, Cyber Security, Creative Industries, Youth Empowerment, Women Empowerment, startup community development, corporate innocation on local, regional, cross-continent and global levels.