CNG containers for natural gas and Biogas transportation

Gaznet Industrial OÜ

CNG/Biogas and Hydrogen transportation containers
Type 4 ultra lightweight cylinders
Type IV cylinders have plastic lining, stainless steel end fittings and composite construction of high-strength fiberglass and epoxy resin.

The use of such materials eliminates problems with corrosion and also guarantees the absence of galvanic corrosion. The cylinders are tested for a safety factor from 3.2 to 3.4. Cylinder designed for 250 bar, has a burst pressure of 840 bar or higher.

The cylinders are approved for EN 12245 and far exceed the requirements of this standard. This is especially important when testing for defects or impact and fire damage. For operating pressures of 200 and 250 bar, cylinders of various volumes are available. Each cylinder can be up to 2400 liters and is intended for both transport and storage of CNG or BIOGAS. HYDROGEN storage cylinders are also available.

H2 and CNG Containers can be filled up to 15 000 times, which gives them a long life.

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Silja Turvas
Office and sales coordinator
From 2005 Gaznet Industrial have provided storage and transport solutions for companies using compressed hydrogen, CNG & Biogas, throughout Eastern Europe, including Poland, Ukraine, and the Baltics. In 2017 we became exclusive Baltic distributors for Norwegian company UMOE Advanced Composites, offering Multi Element Gas Containers (MEGC) for Hydrogen and Compressed Natural Gas for transport. The benefits of the intelligent material MEGC include: lightness, extended lifetime, extreme high flow, safety, and the amount of charge and discharge that no competitor can offer. The UAC container lasts 3 times longer than the average steel container and requires 2 times less testing. And all applications are ADR approved and inspected. We also develop technical solutions within our industry for such clients as the Koksvere biomethane plant, and we provide biogas transport to both the Viljandi entry point and the Paide bakery industry. Gaznet Industrial are also partners with the largest Polish gas company, Polska Spolka Gazownictwa, addressing the everyday issue of gas supply when scheduled maintenance is taking place. We ensure the transportation of gas to the community is uninterrupted, and production can continue, even while the maintenance of the pipeline is ongoing. Another new project with PSG in Poland involves the refueling of trains with hydrogen, where we provide core equipment and technology that can easily be upgraded to a complete filling station by just adding a few components. Whether you are looking to optimize your use of compressed hydrogen, CNG & Biogas, or finding innovative and cost effective transport and storage solutions. Gaznet Industrial delivers industry leading, safe and cost saving solutions, applying uncompromising quality, industry expertise and engineering knowhow. Contact us for more information.
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