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The chargers in our range are attractive, compact and space-saving, which makes them suitable for various homes and offices.

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Tanel Lint
We are happy to offer you the opportunity to practically charge an electric car! Little helpers for big things: our chargers are compact and fit into every garage. They look good and can charge any electric car. The chargers in the range have been developed to offer solutions for up-to-date requirements. Looking for a charger that you can use independently? Do you have multiple vehicles that need to be charged separately? We have a solution! We also offer versions equipped with a socket for the semi-selective sector. Our chargers are ready to charge various electric cars in your establishment, hotels and exhibition center parking lot or also in underground parking lots. Vehicle owners can use their plug and thus conveniently charge their car when they need it. Our selection also includes chargers equipped with an integrated RFID module (radio frequency identification) to contactlessly identify you in semi-public places. The authorized car owner gets a user card to charge his car in institutions or hotel parking lots. Payment is made very easy. We have Smart charging stations that can be connected to the back-office program to keep track of the amount of electricity consumed. This is essential for multiple vehicles and vehicle sharing.
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