2X2 Adventure Bike 3.1kWh (Color: Black or White)


Legal and ready for adventure, both on and off road. Ideal for the urban commuter who doesn't like traffic jams and also for the weekend adventurer who enjoys the sounds of nature.
Humming under 75dB with a range up to 120km, you can discover new far off places while enjoying the sound of nature. With a total carry weight of 150kg (including the rider) you can take the bigger tent and the extra pots without all the fuss.

Go electric, get adventure!
45km/h max speed
65,7kg weight (with battery)
120km max range
4-6 hours to full charge
2.1 kWh battery

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Toni Tomson
From day one, UBCO wheels have been designed to withstand hard work. Over the years, they have been tested to the limit and additions have been made, driven directly by real-world experience. It doesn't matter if it's going the distance on city streets, muddy fields or gravel tracks, the UBCO bike works everywhere. The 1kW motor located in both wheel hubs ensures all-wheel drive for UBCO 2X2 motorcycles. Your electric adventure! Get in touch!
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