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Wolf Group is a leading European manufacturer of construction chemistry products and systems. The main Wolf Group’s product brands are Penosil and Tempsi.


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Our Solutions

Wolf Group is all around you in homes, offices, commercial buildings and factories. We offer construction and renovation solutions that solve the hydrothermal issues of buildings – heat loss, air-tightness, weather resistance, vapor-tightness, cold bridges and deformations – and therefore contribute to energy efficiency. In addition, the development of our products takes into account their durability over time and the contribution they make to a healthy indoor climate. Our philosophy is to keep people´s lives comfortable, safe and running smoothly.
Our solutions are being used for: Windows & Doors; Roofs & Facades; Decoration; Sanitary; Floors; Fireproofing.

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Global brand PENOSIL

We have been focusing on the development of construction chemistry products and solutions for the buildings for years. Our portfolio includes products that solve technical heat and moisture related issues. In addition to energy efficiency, the development of our products also considers their durability in time and the contribution to a healthy indoor climate.

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Wolf Group


Buildings are one of the largest energy consumers and sources of CO2. To contribute to a reduction of CO2 emissions, the amount of energy spent on heating with fossil fuels, cooling, ventilation etc. in a building must be reduced. Properly insulated and sealed constructions help to achieve energy-efficient requirements and it has great economic importance. Heating or cooling expenses will be significantly lower.
Wolf Group has excellent product expertise covering a variety of climate zones, from cool Nordic and harsh taiga to countries in the Southern sun and warm breeze. Our innovation together with our quality guarantees that the solutions are durable and last over time.

Additional info

Wolf Group is a worldwide expert of polyurethane foams, sealants, adhesives and coatings, all products are developed by our own R&D team.
Our solutions and products have achieved recognition in more than 70 countries by providing the state-of-art customer experience to industrial, professional and home users, as well as to Private Label customers.

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