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Committed to steering the globe towards carbon sustainability, our mission is to harness the potential of the otherwise detrimental CO₂, transforming it into a sustainable resource. By 2030, we pledge to capture an astounding 1,000,000 t/yr of CO₂, channeling this capture into the production of 300,000 t/yr of sustainable carbon derived from CO₂. Our impactful initiatives are set to offset an impressive 115,000,000 t of greenhouse gas emissions by the same year. With products that cater to a diverse market spectrum, including batteries, supercapacitors, paints, coatings, concrete, and composites, our portfolio is marked by unparalleled quality, sustainability, and affordability. Our innovative products feature Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Carbon Nanofibers, both derived from CO₂, and Hard Carbon sourced from biomass. Notably, UP Catalyst, an extension of our operations, has recently secured €1.5M to further its carbon endeavors for battery applications. As champions of the green revolution, we continuously deliver on our promises, leveraging strategic collaborations and staying at the forefront of cleantech advancements. Join us in our pursuit of a cleaner, greener future.

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Dedicated to transforming industrial waste into invaluable raw materials, our advanced and meticulous processes produce premium sustainable carbon nanomaterials and graphite. Distinctive for their purity, thermal, and electrical conductivity, our products are competitively priced, setting them apart from competitors.
Our cutting-edge Molten Salt Carbon Capture and Electrochemical Transformation (MSCC-ET) technology powers the production of sustainable carbon materials. With CO₂ rich flue gases sourced from heavy industry emitters serving as feedstock, our processes are green from start to finish. Powered by renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and hydro, our production line is not just carbon-neutral, but carbon-negative.
Delving into sustainable waste biomass utilization, we've patented a unique method to create sustainable graphene-like carbon from wood chips and nanoporous biocarbon (NPBC) from lignin. Leveraging simple pyrolysis technology, we address the mounting waste from wood, pulp, and paper industries, typically burnt for heating or directed to landfills, transforming them into economically valuable materials.
Beyond our already diverse product offerings catering to sectors like batteries, paints, and coatings, our portfolio also extends to serve the air and water filtration, as well as the electronics industries. By converting CO₂ and waste biomass into high-value products, we're redefining industrial processes, paving the path to a sustainable future.

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Akadeemia tee 23, 12618 Tallinn, Estonia


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