RUMMU Quarry | Prison

Rummu quarry and Murru prison are popular, somewhat mystical destinations, where a bright blue lagoon, a disc golf park, viewing platforms and a mountain await you in the quarry.
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Prison tours

You can also come on a comfortable audio guide tour to Murru prison with a multilingual group (audio guide languages: English, Estonian, Russian, German, Finnish, Latvian).

On this tour, everyone can choose an Estonian, English, Russian, German, Finnish or Latvian program from their device. Then go through about 20 points of the route, listening to stories and exploring the buildings on the territory, both outside and inside. In addition, the audio guide has more than 10 additional stories, a lot of photo material, which you can only see here!

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Water park and water wheels in the Rummu quarry

The next season of the water park starts in June 2023. Then we are happy to invite you to spend active time at the Rummu water park. Every full hour we allow a new group to test their athletic abilities on the attraction. Next summer 2023, it will still be possible to ride water bikes in the Rummu quarry! One bike can accommodate up to four people. We put on safety vests for everyone and the interesting ride over the submerged buildings can begin!

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RUMMU Quarry | Prison


This is a place that refuses to close. It is a place that offers visitors high-quality experiences, molded here in such a way that the mystery and uniqueness of the destination is not lost. In the 2022 summer season, in addition to swimming, diving, prison tours, hiking and eating, you can also play disc golf and spend the night in a caravan park.

Additional info

The Hub Quarry is a place that once provided work for thousands of inmates. Despite its dark history, it is a picturesquely beautiful landscape. The quarry, created from the former limestone industry, with its crystal clear water, offers the opportunity to see the history that has remained underwater from the surface.

Our goal is to keep this area as authentic as possible while offering the opportunity to come visit us, spend a busy day at the beach, SUP board, water park or diving, visit the summer cafe or take part in prison tours.

The Rummu quarry and Murru prison territory has been maintained and developed for the past five years by Rummu Invest OÜ. Active activities are added to this environment every year, various events take place (sports events, concerts, festivals). We cooperate very closely with the local settlement and municipality and involve local residents in our daily activities, especially during the season.

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