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Skyon, 30 Maakri street

We, at R8tech, have been very excited to launch R8 Digital Operator in this brand new and very modern SKYON building. We started the process by launching our handover testing service, during which we connected to the building's automation system, assessed the system performance and provided a detailed report on the technical status of the building. We then gave the green light to the world's first digital employee for commercial real estate, R8 Digital Operator, who started optimizing the HVAC system autonomously based on the pre-agreed parameters. As a result, SKYON's indoor climate comfort is on top level, while energy and CO2 efficiency are at highly sustainable level.

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Swedbank HQ in Tallinn

From 2017 the Estonian HQ of Swedbank is fully integrated with R8 Digital Operator service and as a result of R8tech software well over 130 000 € of energy costs has been saved and over 1050 tons of CO2 has been reduced during that time period. Average Swedbank savings in total energy costs is about 15-20% and overall CO2 savings is more than 15 000 tons. R8tech is active with its AI HVAC technology already in 18 countries and portfolio size is more than 900 000 m². Many well-acknowledged clients from all over the Europe – WeWork, CBRE, EDP, Radission Blu, EfTEN and many others.

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R8 Technologies


R8 Digital Operator is an award winning autonomous AI HVAC software for Commercial Real Estate - Your 1st digital & the most efficient employee. It helps You to achieve Your ESG goals and saves up to 30% in Your energy costs.

R8 Digital Operator controls already over 1 200 000 m2 space of well-known shopping centers, offices and hotels. It is used as a premium energy efficiency solution by several international real estate brands all over Europe. We have developed the next generation tool for Your technical team – an AI-based software technology that we integrate to Your building’s management system and start making it from day ONE! Not to mention Digital Operator’s efficiency as it is able to read, calculate, analyze and – most uniquely – write back settings autonomously every 15 minutes, 24/7 when needed..

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