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Lacore OÜ is an importer of Novacolor, an Italian manufacturer of professional decorative surface paints and plasters.


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Products for high humidity interiors

Novacolor has developed a range of perfect surface protection plasters that can be used in bathrooms, spas and steam baths. Waterproof Concrete Concrete Wall2Floor is one material that can be used directly in the shower room on the wall and floor. The peculiarity of the latest composition of this material is that it no longer wets in places where scratches or nicks have formed, it is completely waterproof. In other wet rooms where there is no direct contact with running water, mineral decorative plasters such as Archi + Tadelact, Marmorino KS, Marble Fine, Calce Cruda can be used. The range of Novacolor products, dedicated to optimizing moisture resistance, helps to transform a home for long-term use in damp rooms such as bathrooms and shower enclosures.

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Other products

Novacolor decorative paints and plasters.

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Lacore OÜ


In 2021 Novacolor was the first manufacturer in the world getting RED2 certificate, which means that they produce the purest paints in the world.All products have an environmentally friendly product label and ten years of fade resistance. Novacolor is one of the world's leading manufacturers of interior and exterior paints and decorative finishes. Novacolor offers ideal solutions for designers and architects.

We offer installation service on all paints and plasters produced by Novacolor.

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Novacolor was founded in 1982 in the heart of one of the most productive regions in Italy. Over time, Novacolor has expanded thanks to its intuitive and leading-edge creativity and carefully selected selection of high-quality raw materials, offering architects and designers around the world all kinds of indoor and outdoor decorative finishes and decorative plasters, including modern facades and historic buildings.
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