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E-Bike G-Trail 2.0

The GasGas E-Bike G Trail 2.0 is the golden middle way for all electric bike lovers. It’s built for off-road trails and demanding riders. Balanced geometry ensures driving comfort both when driving uphill and downhill. Suspension travel is increased over its predecessor and now boosted to 150mm, meaning there’s that little bit extra for when the mountain gets a little rowdier than expected.

The bike is suitable for riding both on forest trails with roots and on more difficult mountain descents. Fitted with a 250W Yamaha PW-ST motor, the G Trail 2.0 has ample pedal-assist support, while the Simplo 630Wh integrated battery will keep all range anxiety at bay. RockShox take care of suspension duties, SRAM components ensure both braking and shifting are on point.

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GasGas 16EDrive

Start them young and keep it fun!

GASGAS FACTORY REPLICA STACYC™ 16EDRIVE is an electric running bike specially designed for children. You can start driving the GASGAS Replica 16eDrive initially without using the electric motor.

Once confidence is gained and driving for short periods of time becomes easier, the electric motor can be switched on. The 8 km/h limit in training mode ensures a steady pace for learning to use the throttle and brakes in a safe environment, while also opening up the opportunity to stand up and drive.

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If you’re looking for capable products for serious offroad enjoyment you’ve come to the right place! We’re GASGAS, and we like to keep it fun. High-quality GasGas motorcycles manufactured in Austria, we aim to give riders the utmost satisfaction without any fuss.

For those eBikes lovers, the G Trail 2.0 ticks all the right boxes! Trail focused and ready to clock up some serious mileage, it’s built for big days on the hill. See model!

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