Estonian Pavilion at COP28

Estonia is making its debut with a Pavilion at COP28, pledging its allegiance to global climate goals, achieving joint milestones and ensuring sustainable future for our planet.


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Open-call to host a thematic event at Estonian Pavilion!

Join us in shaping the Estonian Pavilion's program at COP28 with your diverse ideas and innovative formats!
We extend a warm invitation to institutions, communities, universities, and all interested parties worldwide to participate in our open call and propose your event at the Estonian Pavilion.
For detailed information about the context of our participation, event options and formats please visit the Pavilion landing page: Estonia at COP28 — Estonia.
Don't hesitate to reach out for additional information or to submit your ideas before September 24th! Together, we can achieve so much more than we can alone!

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Estonian Pavilion at COP28


Estonia will set up its pavilion for the first time at the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) from November 30th to December 12th in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The country pavilions serve as small event and meeting centers, facilitating external discussions, knowledge exchange, and engaging programs created by partners and businesses.

In Estonian Pavilion we aim to share, inspire and foster exchange of learnings, bottlenecks, ideas and solutions to achieve the goals of Paris Agreement and UNFCCC. Our plan is also to showcase transformation towards Just and Sustainable Society - in order to do so, we plan to co-create events in the pavilion with local, regional and global partners. As a country, we invite visitors around the world to explore the journey of Estonia, a small nation with extraordinary achievements in the Digital Innovation, Twin Transition and uniquely beautiful Nature. However and more importantly, as climate change is affecting humanity over countries, cities and institutional borders, we believe strongly in Cooperation. Hence, events in pavilion will be coherent to thematic days and co-hosted through different partnerships.

The content creation and basic funding of the pavilion will be carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Climate, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project manager for the national pavilion is designated as the Environmental Investment Centre, who has brought together a leadership team including the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency, Cleantech Estonia,_ **EstDev Foundation_, the city of **Tallinn, and the Estonian Embassy in Dubai.

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