Digital Logistics Center of Excellence

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Dinnocap project

Digital Logistics Centre of Excellence is a key partner to Dinnocap project. DINNOCAP was a transnational project on digital collaboration between industry associations, government agencies, and knowledge institutions in eight countries in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). DINNOCAP was co-funded by the EU Interreg Programme for the BSR and ran from Jan to Dec 2021.

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Digital Logistics Center of Excellence


Digilogistics Center of Excellence was established in 2020 as a result of exit from the first Estonian state-owned business acceleration program "Accelerate Estonia" (
The Digital Logistics Center has been one of the leaders in the cooperation between the state and the private sector in the digitization of logistics processes. We have united the best experts from business, IT and public administration, and in close cooperation with DTLF working groups.

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The competence of Digital Logistics Centre is :
Analysis and suggestions on eFTI platforms and access points development,
Preparation and application of EU electronic freight transport information (eFTI) Regulation,
Advisory on national regulatory environment preparation for eFTI compatibility,
Digitalization and supply chain optimization
Prototyping and IT developments,
International projects/networks coordination

In 2023 we will start the first European eFTI Gate POC, together with Finnish startup DBE Core ( ) Baltic and Scandinavian governments, eFTI platforms and economic operators. This project will be co-funded by CEF and it will be the part of international project eFTI4EU, where at least 9 EU member states has agreed to build common network of digital freight information. Come and let's do it together, with private companies, developers, and state institutions. Contact us to know more about this.

We have experience in EU-funded projects where we have participated as a lead partner for the last 3 years. These include the Diginno BSR (e-CMR project), its follow-up projects Diginno Proto ( and Dinnocap ( Our activities have been recognized by the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and the e-CMR project has been declared a Real-Time Economy Flagship project ( .

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